Rix Mill for Business

Our Vision: "Making Rix Mill a place for sharing experience and ideas, and facilitating thinking and creation."

You are looking for the perfect retreat or for an assistance (www.yminet.com) to re-focus, re-engage, re-energise, create and plan for the future, prepare an important evolution within your company or, for a moment, cut yourself off from the world rush? You are looking for sharing experience about family expatriation management?  You are looking for the opportunity to benefit from a French language and culture assistance in your communication with French professionals (www.french-language-consultancy.com) or the ideal venue to experience cultural immersion ahead of a relocation or business collaboration in France? Or you are looking for a gift to reward or thank collaborators, partners and clients?

 Rix Mill is the perfect venue.

Rix Mill 5.5 hectares of land and water estate provides the serenity you need to efficiently concentrate and think, and our wealth of international business as well as our 21 year experience of expatriation are at your disposal. We offer you to set up together bespoke partnerships based on a 'building together and learning from each other' approach.

We are bi-lingual (French and English) and can share with you our areas of expertise:

  • International business environment
  • Multiculturalism and bilingualism
  • Expatriation ( 4 years in Switzerland, 17 years in England)
  • French language and culture
  • International teams management
  • Innovation and change management with collaborative leadership 
  • Career transition - Support to executives made redundant to help them getting back on their feet

Rix Mill is entirely internet compliant through cable and Wi-Fi.

Please contact us and share with us your specific needs.